Conditions of participation

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The rally is being planned to be organised, civilised, peaceful and disciplined, and for it to be run in such a way as to cause minimum inconvenience and nuisance to the public and the police.

We will not be a rowdy mob, quite the opposite, because we need to be taken seriously and any inappropriate behaviour will be counterproductive for the cause.

So, a strict condition for participation in The Rally for Better Financial Regulation will be that all participants behave in a civilised, peaceful and disciplined way, as guided by the Rally Stewards. 

The Rally Stewards are instructed to ensure that anybody unwilling or unable to behave in a civilised, peaceful and disciplined way will be excluded from the rally.

Similarly, the messaging around the rally needs to be carefully controlled, so the use of banners and placards will be tightly managed. We have a very good communications theme for the rally already organised, but if you have ideas that you would like to be considered, feel free to make suggestions as we can probably find a way to get your idea to fit into the theme that has been developed.

Banners and placards are going to be supplied, paid for by The Transparency Task Force. We would be very grateful for any donations to contribute to the costs of running the event and the materials and equipment we will be buying such as the banners and placards. You can make a donation to the Transparency Task Force here.

Note that we expect various forms of media to be covering the rally. 

It is the full responsibility of each individual to satisfy themselves that:

  • The rally will be appropriate for them, in relation to the physicality of the event and any health and safety issues. The distance to be covered is approximately 2.2 miles. We recommend participants bring plenty of water to drink, especially if it is a hot and sunny day
  • They are free to protest i.e they are not subject to any Non Disclosure Agreements or similar that may prohibit their ability to communicate what they think about the Financial Conduct Authority or any other body or financial institution 
  • They are comfortable with the idea that various forms of media may cover the event, including TV
  • Anyone who wishes to attend the Rally are attending at their own risk