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We are realists and we know it would be unrealistic to expect to fix what’s wrong with the Financial Conduct Authority through one Rally, or indeed in one year.

We therefore plan to run The Rally for Better Financial Regulation as an annual event, until the public in the UK have the financial regulation they need and deserve. 

Furthermore, we fully understand that the issues that make the Financial Conduct Authority an ineffective regulator (i.e. the revolving door problem, conflicts of interest, regulatory capture, inadequate scrutiny, inadequate accountability and so on) are not in any way unique to the UK. It follows that we intend to run corresponding events in other major cities around the world, where chronic and catastrophic regulatory failure is known to be causing widespread consumer detriment. If you are from outside the UK and would like to get in touch about the possibility of a Rally for Better Financial Regulation taking place in your country, please get in touch